Industrial Magnet, Permanent Magnetic Equipments, Magnetic Separators, Material Handling Eqiupments, Rare Earth Magnet

Industrial Magnet, Permanent Magnetic Equipments, Magnetic Separators, Material Handling Eqiupments, Rare Earth Magnet

“If after they have grown up, children fail to relate with their parents, there is something not quite right about the karmic situation for the child. He is trying to escape or ignore the reality of the karmic situation.”

– Chögyam Trungpa

Christmas is hard. No matter how excited I feel that I should be to travel home to family, relax for a week or two, and reconnect, it is never so simple. Family history aside – I don’t think mine is too different from the norm – many of us just don’t relate well to our families. There’s an old Tibetan Buddhist practice meant to arouse compassion that involves seeing all beings as having once been your mother. Evidently, this does not succeed in rousing compassion in the West as it does in the East.

After I returned home after the holidays, I had a series of very vivid dreams involving family. One dream began with me and a group of relatives wandering through an immense, baroque palace. This place had everything you could possibly imagine, too many rooms to see, and a vast series of subterranean rooms and corridors. The underground portion was so enormous and labyrinthine that, word had it, some 14 people had recently gone missing within it. Our group debated whether to help with the search effort and I adamantly opposed getting involved for fear of also becoming lost.

Fast forward in the dream. I’m sitting in my sister’s apartment at a dinner table with her, a couple of her friends, and a teacher from the meditation center I attend. I was nervous and distracted, feeling somewhat claustrophobic. The teacher and I are trying to communicate about my practice, but as soon as we begin to talk seriously, my sister begins laughing and can not stop. Her laughter starts off as silly giggling, and becomes more and more forced and aggressive sounding, until it’s overpowering and maniacal. After trying and failing to continue the conversation, I see the teacher get up and walk away, and I’m sitting there as my sister has now begun rolling on the floor, unable to control herself. Right then, with an almost palpable sensation of electricity or lightning, I hear the teacher say matter-of-factly: “haunted.”

In a flash, he had made a proclamation, or given a diagnosis. The situation was haunted. In my half awake, drowsy state, I felt a perceptible physical feeling of the shock of seeing things truthfully. I thought: “this is what being haunted really means.” In my dream, I felt my eyes shut involuntarily as this trance-like feeling took over my body, and I knew I was safe and the teacher had understood the situation and would help to remedy it.

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Upon waking fully, this idea stayed with me for several days. I’ve always been afraid or ignorant of metaphysical ideas about ghosts, etc. But something rang true about the idea of being haunted by the past, being in a haunted situation – a situation that forces you to act in a way that’s fundamentally not who you are. Being governed by rules that no longer apply. Fighting against enemies that are no longer real. Responding with automatic defenses and coping mechanisms that prevent real life from being experienced. Avoidance. Vibratory Motors India by things that have stung us, but that no longer exist: phantoms.

The parents who raised me are now phantoms. They’re both alive still, but they’ve changed. Sometimes when I’m home I’ve searched in their eyes expecting to see a glint of things from the past that were hurtful before, when I was a child. It’s not that it’s not there anymore; it’s that I’m needing to search for it in order for it to be perceptible and fulfill my expectation. Magnetic Equipments  have emerged that either weren’t there or that I wasn’t aware of as a child.

This is not to say that my parents have transformed into ideal parents. But they’re no longer who they were. And unless I can see them as they are now, in this moment, then I’m allowing myself to be haunted too. And then we’re just behaving like zombies with automatic, habitual, knee jerk defenses. Zombie Christmas is no fun.

It’s interesting to have had this dream after one of the best Christmases yet with my family. We spent time together in a cabin by a lake. I tried to treat it as a practice opportunity and hold a ground of kindness, openness, and listening. We were all doing our best, and I felt that something shifted for us as a family.

I guess it makes sense that this would come up now; sometimes you’re not able to see things until you’re ready to work with them. Your mind just ignores things that are too much for you at that moment. When I think back to that first part of my dream, I think that vast palace might symbolize my mind, with an even vaster subconscious where fear tells me I’m likely to get lost and Industrial Magnets re-emerge. Maybe now, after a decade of remaining remote and distant, I am at least able to begin to work with deeply buried family karma.

“The only way to overcome guilt is by seeing that there is nobody to blame for the chaos or the difficulties in life. Chaotic situations are not punishment, but they are stepping-stones. Then you can see the positive within the negative.”

Chögyam Trungpa


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